Portfolio - Web Design

We love to design things here at Pipeline, and nothing pleases us more than when a customer asks us to design and build a new website. A blank HTML canvas has so much potential, and we just love it when we've completed a new site to then step back and admire our work. This page is devoted to our most recent website projects.

In My Element Glass Design Website

Coming Soon!

In My Element Glass Design have been producing glassworks for a few years but have just recently decided to take the plunge and own their own website.

The IME website is built around a content management system, allowing the owner, Janet Kinninmonth, to make her own website edits. It also features an e-commerce module that links seamlessly with the rest of the site and gives her the ability to add her products and sell them.

Janet is currently making the final changes to her site, so hopefully it will be up and running shortly.

Canberra Green Clean Website


When website owner Paul Maguire issued the brief for the site, he said he wanted his customers to arrive on the site and instantly understand the company's ethos - green cleaning.

After several rounds of brainstorming, we came up with the idea of a leaf leading to the end of a plug; we felt that this graphic displayed a very bold statement and clearly underlined Canberra Green Clean's commitment to eco-friendly cleaning.

Canberra Green Clean's website is built on a content management system, allowing the owner to edit his own pages and contact forms.

Cusacks Furniture Store Website

Being one of Canberra's oldest businesses, Cusacks Furinture Store needs no introduction.

Their CMS website was built with easy navigation in mind and features an integrated stock library that allows people to browse the stores items before making a trip down to the shop for purchase.

Cusacks site has also been created with strong social media presence. A live twitter module allows Cusacks to make live tweets from their phone which will instantly appear on their homepage.

Vehicle PC Website

Although based in Australia and the US, the Vehicle PC site was built for the UK arm or Tekdis.

Primarily a catlogue site featuring all of Tekdis's products, it allows users to discover all specificatons from each of the 50+ items. The site also contains contact infomration and contact forms allowing customers to get in touch with Tekdis staff with ease.

The site is also heavily optimised for search engines too, which is why it's currently getting over 100 unique hits per day.

Interior View Photography

Interior View Photography exists to provide the housing market with high quality photography that's used to sell/rent houses.

Interior View is the first site made by Pipeline to feature a diary booking system integrated seamlessly with the other pages. Users can create an account and then, when approved, gain access to the Interior View diary. They can then see current, up-to-the-second availability and book out photography sessions as well as providing key information about the property.

Online89 Website

Online 89 (previously Professionals Online) is a recruitment agency based in Canberra that specialises in IT roles.

The site itself is built around a content management system, with additional features such as contact pages, live Twitter feeds, latest news and live job feeds.

Impogo Website

Employed on a consultancy basis to project manage the Impogo clothing website in the UK, this project is one of Pipeline's benchmark sites.

On the front, it functions like any other e-commerce website. Underneath the hood is a completely different matter however. The site takes in all the prodcut information from a variety of suppliers and displays them, along with up to the second stock information, for everyone to see.

When a user places an order, the site contacts the relevent supplier and adds the order to the suppliers system. The products are then picked, shipped and delivered within 24 hours - complete with an Impogo branded delivery slip.