Portfolio - Logo Design

Logos are arguably one of the most important elements to any business. They are visible on almost every element of marketing a companies marketing strategy, so need to be visually appealing and appropriate to the target market. Pipeline are experts in visual psychology and we use these skills when designing our clients logos to ensure the very best outcomes.

Canberra Green Clean Logo


Canberra Green Clean claim that cleaning shouldn't have to cost the earth and that's what Pipeline believes when it comes to high quality logo design.

Canberra Green clean employed the assistance of Pipeline to design and produce their new logo that would be used on a variety of media, from web and business cards, to vehicle decals and clothing embraoidery.

The logo was created with "being green" in mind, the leaf design is synonymous with eco-friendliness which, in this case, also represents a happy, content smile.

View the Canberra Green Clean Website

Impogo Logo

Impogo is a new company form the UK that exist to sell low cost, unbranded items of clothing to the general public.

A free flowing lower caps font was used to match the companies intended perceptions. They want their customers to see them as, honest, open and easy to shop with. The use of the mangento on the first two letters were added to inject an little fun into the brand as their target market do not normally purchase un-branded clothing.

View the Impogo Website

Ashhar Bricklaying Logo

Ashhar Bricklaying approached us to design their new logo - issuing us with the brief to use the companies initials as the main body of the logo.

Designing logos tat are based on the initials isn't straight forward, there needs to be some connecting element between the letters for it to be visually appealing. Simply using a stock font and hoping for the best never works and is the reason why there are so many poorly designed logos out there.

We re-designed the letter A from scratch so that it sits visaully better with the B and also represents the look and feel of structual design.