What is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the technique involved in making websites more likely to show up in search results and also to rank highly in the search results page. This in turn increases traffic to your site, as it makes sure that it is more visible to more people.

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What makes a page sit at the top of Google rankings?

Google decides how to rank websites by considering the quality of their content - that is, which sites contain the most credible information. It does this, firstly by considering the content of your website and whether it contains the words and phrases that people use in searches. Secondly, it looks at the number of links you have to other websites. The more links you have, the more credible Google considers your website to be.

How can I ensure Search Engine Optimisation?

There are 2 main ways that you can ensure that your website is optimised for Search Engines:

1)    Content: Make sure that the content on your website contains words and phrases that would be used by people who would search for your product. This is all about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and making sure your website uses and repeats the key words that they would be using in a search.

Although a lot of companies create an ‘air of mystery’ around Search Engine Optimisation, it’s quite a straightforward, logical process. At Pipeline we believe that it is important that our clients to understand as well as benefit from the work that we do for them. That way we can work with you to achieve the optimum outcome.

2)    Links: The key thing to remember about links is that its quality not quantity that is important. Having 20 links to quality, relevant websites is much better than 100 links to random, low quality websites.  Beware of SEO companies who try to sell you high volumes of links; they are probably not going to benefit your website at all!

The important thing is to build genuine links to websites which contain content relevant to yours. Links to Government websites, well-established private companies and authorities all have extra credibility, so work even harder for you.

Remember, you need to ensure that your site is also credible, to give those other websites a good reason to link with you, as they too will only want quality links!

Key to your success is having a good quality website that is relevant to your consumers and fulfils a key need that people are looking for. Share your website with other high quality websites and include all of the words and phrases used by your consumers. Soon you will start to see the benefit of increased traffic to your site.

Pipeline Designs have great experience with SEO management. Contact Us for more information.

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