Facebook for Businesses

Success using Facebook doesn't come overnight, it takes months of planning and lots of hard work to achieve your goals. Most people set up a Facebook page and expect instant results, given the fact that it just simply doesn't work this way often results in the page being forgotten about. This in itself can have a huge negative affect on your customers perceptions of your company.

Start by planning your Facebook strategy. Work out what you want to achieve from your page, is it likes, website hits, or something else. Facebook can often seem a daunting site; with multiple tiers, managing your page on a day to day basis can be a challenge. We'd recommend assigning different staff members to owning posts depending on their job roles. That way your page will be constantly active and show all the facets your business has to offer.

Lots of people just assume people will search for, find and like your page. Sadly Facebook users very rarely operate in this way. You ned to be proactive and ask them to become a fan of your page, we've found using email signatures, newsletters or other forms of social media work the best.

People don't just look at Facebook from 9 till 5. In fact most activity on Facebook is done outside of these hours, so you shouldn't focus your presence just during office hours. You can schedule a post to automatically submit itself at a designated time, so that even when you're enjoying your evening meal, your Facebook page still appears active. You can schedule as many posts as you want too.

You should know your customers better than anyone. Targeting your posts towards them increases your chances of them engaging with, reading and sharing your content. Facebook offers some great features that allows you share posts with specific demographics like age, gender, likes and level of education. This allows you to specifically target your content at the people that will most likely want to read it.

There's no point in posting content on your Facebook page with the intention of solely reaching only the people that have liked your page. You should be creating content with the aim of them sharing it to their friends so that they spread it with their friends, making your posts spread virally. Creating such a post is the hard part, there's no step by step instructions because if there was we'd all be very rich. You have to have a long hard think about what you customers will like, and what they will like to share.

Facebook allows you pay a small fee for promoted posts. Promoted posts work just like normal posts do, except they have a higher weighting which means they will appear higher up on people's Facebook news feed and more often. Just click the promote this post button when you are posting. Using this feature can be to your advantage and give you a significant lead over your competitors.

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