The benefits of eye tracking advertising

Eye Tracking, it's a technological advancement that can be used to see where people's eye's pointing when looking at a product and adapt a marketing strategy around it to increase sales. It sounds pretty self explanatory but do you or your company realise how it can can increase conversions without all this expensive technology? We thought not.

Ever walked along the street and noticed someone staring up at something? It's our in-built instict to try to figure out what it is they are looking at. Some phychologists believe this could be genetically linked to our natural instict to survive, so scanning for any possible danger is something we do without evening thinking about it. So what's this got to do with making money?

Well scientists have also discovered that this natural response also occurs when looking into someone's eyes. If you look at someone and their eye's turn to look at something else, chances are that you will to. Here's an example.

This is an advertising campaign used by a leading moisturiser. They trialed several images and displayed them to a random group of participants and then monitored their eye movement when looking at the ads. The image below shows where the majority of the eye focus was, red being the strongest, then yellow, then green. Everything else was not looked at. You can see that the majority of the participants looked at the babies face, with a few glances at the text on the right.

In the next advert, the babies postion was altered so that it was a looking at the heading and sub-text. The result was amazing. The vast majority of the participants first looked at the babies face but were now proceeding to look where the baby was looking and focusing their attention on the text on the right!

Can you now see the benefits of adding a little eye tracking to your next marketing plan?

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