How to locate your web page editor

How to edit your web pages

The aim of this document is to get your hands-on your CMS site by showing you how an Article can be simply modified.

  • An Article is the main way that content is displayed on pages on your CMS site.
  • A collection of Articles are the building blocks of any CMS Web site and are the main way that content is displayed. So in learning to edit and manipulate Articles, you are learning about your CMS.

Who is it written for?

  • Customers with a CMS (content management system) driven wesbite.

You also need:-

  • to have access to a CMS site with an Article to edit
  • to login with a username with an appropriate level of permission


Top tip - don't try to edit the overall look and feel of an Article through the editing process. That is best handled through modifications of the Template. Don't worry about damaging the site through your experiments. This part of the process will only effect the single article you are editing.

There are two ways to access articles for editing, through the Front End and the Administration Panel.

Through the Front End:

  • Go to your website and login using your username and password, which must have permission to edit Articles.
  • Find the page you want to edit using the Menu.

There is a pencil icon by the title for the entries that you can edit.

  • 1. An orange pencil icon means that it is published and any information you enter can be seen by others (with the right access rights) as soon as you save it.
  • 2. A blue pencil means that the information is not published and can only be seen by those with high level access rights. Those with standard Author permissions will not be able to view (and thus edit) unpublished information.

Through the Administration Panel:

  • Go to the Administration Panel and login using your username and password, which must have permission to edit Articles.
  • 1. Navigate to an article either via Site/Control Panel/Article Manager or Content/Article Manager. Find the page you want to edit. As the number of articles on your site grows, use the search filters and drop down menus to narrow the search.
  • 2. To edit an article, you need to have selected the article you wish to edit from the article manger. You will need to scroll down to the editing window. The editing window is the large pane situated on the left hand side of the screen.
  • 3. Remember to save your article after editing.