Adding an image to your webpages

To add an image to a web page, you must first access that pages article from the administration area of you website.

Go to Content > Article Manager and then select the article that you wish to edit.

In the article edit window (see How to edit your webpages with ease) and place the cursor at the point in the page where you wish to insert an image.

Scroll to the bottom of the article edit window and you will see the following buttons.

Select the button labled "Image" and a new window will pop-up, showing you the contents of the root media folder (the place where your images are normally stored). If you haven't already uploaded your chosen image, you will need to select the browse button (bottom left) and then navigate to the location of the image stored on your local PC.

Select the image to close the navigations window and then select the button labled "Start Upload" - it is located below the Browse button. You image will then be transferred from your local machine to your web server, once complete, you will see a confirmation massage and your image will appear in the thumbnail gallery at the top of the window. You only need to do this once. If you are re-suing the image on another page on your site, then the uploaded image will remain in your thumbnail gallery, ready for you to select. Select the image once and then hit the "Insert" button that is located at the top right of the window.

This will then insert your image into the Edit window and close the image browsing window.

If you are confident with HTML, remember to add a description of the image inbetween the "" within the alt tag. e.g. alt="Picture of a cat".

Remember to save your article changes or your work will be lost.